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sketch picture of Jun-hee Ko

Jun-hee Ko

Actor / Voice actor

Born Go Jun-hui on August 31,1985, Korean actress.

MV: SG WANNA BE, Don't know why, 2006; Park Hyo-shin, days apart, 2006; Park Xinyang, 2006; Lee Soo Young, 2006; getting cold, 2010; Jo Sungmo, I'm having an affair.

Height: 172 cm, weight: 50 kg.

Films: Mad for Love, the celled maiden, tears must be shed; 2007 Hansel and Gretel; 2008 Girl Scouts; 2011 cry into each other's arms; 2012 Architecture 101, Doomsday Book.

Graduated: Theater and Film Major at Kyung Hee University


Debut: 2001 SK Smart School Uniform Model Gold Award