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sketch picture of Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy

Actor / writer / Director / Musician

Julie Delpey was the only child of stage actors who spent much of her childhood backstage in the powder room. He started acting with his parents at the age of five. In 1985, he made his film debut with the detective, directed by Godiel. Later, he competed for the Caesar Award for the second year in a row with bad blood and MTV Europe Music Award for Best New Act, and became a rising star in France. A graduate of New York University's School of the performing arts, she is passionate about acting, writing and directing. She was nominated for best screenplay at the 2005 Academy Awards, Writers Guild of America, West and American independent spirit awards for writing Before Sunset in Paris.

In 1990, Jolie starred in the anti-fascist masterpiece "Europa Europa" , which earned her international fame. In 1992, she made her way into Hollywood with "the glass rose" , including the White Nights, the Before Sunrise, and more. In 2004, he starred in the nine year old sequel to Before Sunrise, love at sunset. In 1995, he was named by People magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Julie Delpey not only wrote, directed and acted professionally, she also dabbled in photography, composition and singing. In fact, she has already sung many of the theme songs in "love at sunset in Paris" , with her languid and charming voice giving people endless reverie. In "two days in Paris" , she has arranged all the music composition. At the mention of two days in Paris, Julie Delpey is elated. According to Julie Delpey, the script was originally conceived in Paris at sunset. It took her five days to write the first draft of love at sunset in Paris, but it took her years to figure out where two days in Paris was going and what to do with it. Julie Delpey said it was inevitable that the two films would be discussed together, but she noted that two days in Paris is far less romantic than love in Paris at sunset, which is more creative, it even talks about something other than love. Curiously, when she wrote the two days in Paris, she could not help thinking of the idiosyncrasies of her parents, and instead wrote about their feelings and reactions to events. So when it came to casting two days in Paris, her first choice was, of course, her parents. Julie Delpey also explains her idea for two days in Paris: She doesn't want to challenge the cultural differences between the United States and France, she wants to write about how everyone reacts to everyday things, and even about the conflicts that people have when they disagree about something. Julie Delpey stressed that two days in Paris is a funny and lively film, after watching it, will definitely let people with full touching out of the theater.