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sketch picture of Julie Christie

Julie Christie

Actor / Voice actor

Julie Christie, who grew up in India, was the son of a local tea merchant. After completing his education in England and France, he entered a drama school in London to receive training in drama and singing. In early 1962 entered the film industry, playing small roles, the following year in "billy the liar, " the first actress. The director, John Schlesinger, was so impressed with her that he made her the perfect Doctor Zhivago, which won him an academy award in the back seat and then an international star in the lead role. It wasn't until the 1970s, her Golden Age, that she appeared in films by David Lean, truffaut and others. Since 1971, he has co starred with Warren Beatty in three films, including the Flower Village, and the two have been chummy for some time. It's been pretty quiet since the'90s.

Julie, described as "the most poetic actress" by the legendary American star Al Pacino, has a preference for the big screen, unlike other stage-loving British actors. Julie is by nature a low profile, rarely making public appearances or giving interviews, and her focus has earned her a glowing reputation.