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sketch picture of Johnnie To

Johnnie To

Director / Producer / writer / Actor

Johnnie To, Hong Kong director. Growing up in Hong Kong's famous "three regardless zone" , Kowloon Walled City enjoyed watching movies as a child. At that time, the theatres were divided into morning shows and free shows. Cantonese feature films were usually shown at morning shows and Western films were shown at free shows. Johnnie To chose Western films for cheap viewing, mostly action and Westerns. Later, when Johnnie To's father worked at the Dongle Theater, Johnnie To often watched free scenes backstage. It was only when I was studying that I began to watch mandarin films, and I had the idea of doing movies.

After 2000, Johnnie To's personal creation became mature, showing a strong personal style, and gradually attracted the attention of international film circles. Such as: Big Guy (mainland name "Big Guy has big wisdom") , "big event" (Exhibitor Cannes Film Festival) , "PTU" , "Throw Down" (Exhibitor Venice International Film Festival) , "Underworld" and "the triad" have participated in the competition and Exhibition Cannes Film Festival, exile at the Venice International Film Festival, the Iron Triangle with Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam at the Cannes Film Festival, and Inspector General with Wai Ka-Fai at the Venice International Film Festival, 2008, four-year-old "the sparrow" was a finalist at the Berlin Film Festival.