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sketch picture of John Carney

John Carney

Director / writer / Musician / Actor / Producer

John Carney, Irish director and musician. John Johan was Bayse of The Frames from 1991 to 1993. Not only did he record, he also made concert videos and music video for the band. These jobs gave him a strong interest in "image" , so he left the band and joined the film industry.

John Johan wrote and directed the first two short films, twinkle Star and hotel. At the end of 1996, he made his debut as a feature film, a November afternoon. The low budget black and white film, produced by a fledgling director, was voted best film of 1997 by the Irish Times. He went on to write, direct and compose the one-hour television drama JUST IN TIME, which won the Irish Times'best television film of 1998. The 2001 film fringe was directed and written by John Johan. John Johan then dabbled in television, directing the WALK . The series quickly became a big screen hit, lasting three seasons in a row and becoming the most successful independent series in Irish history. The Herald hailed it as "the success story of Irish Television 2002" . In 2007, John Johan teamed up with his best friend The Frames frontman and 19-year-old Czech musician Glen Hansard to make once. Since then, the 2013 Song Changes, starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, and the 2016 Irish teen musical comedy Sing Street have received numerous accolades. In all of these films, John Johan brings his directing and musical talent to full play.