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sketch picture of Joe Anderson

Joe Anderson

Actor / writer

Andson, British actor. His parents both worked in the British theatre industry and occasionally appeared in films and television dramas, and Joe was not much younger than his age. 2006 Joe. Andson, who played Beethoven's nephew in the film Beethoven's Doppelganger, later played the heroine's brother, an American teenager during the Vietnam War, in the musical Julie Taymor. He also stars as Bayse's Peter Hook in Joy Division in Anton Corbin's biopic control. These roles also put his musical talent to good use. In 2008, Andson starred in the Dreamworks Adaptation of the Best Selling Book, the Horror Story, which became more widely known. He also served as a spokesman for Gap. The 27 club, an Indie film starring him, has also had a chance to appear at film festivals around the world. He also starred in the crime drama high life as a member of a gang of drug addicts. In mainstream films, Andson plays Jennifer Aniston's ex boyfriend and musician in business trip, and will appear in Hilary Swank's biopic Amelia. More to his credit, he starred in the action film suspect's photo album, which stars a framed government agent.