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sketch picture of Jean Reno

Jean Reno

Actor / Voice actor

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, on July 30,1948, Reno's parents, who had lived in Spain, had come to North Africa to escape the Nazi occupation of the Francesco. Reno returned to Paris at the age of 12 to live with her parents. Reno came to France at the age of 17 to study the system of dramatic acting, and gradually emerged in French television, stage and film. The death of Reno's mother, just a few years after he was allowed to return to Paris at the age of 12, was devastating and affected his life in many ways.

One of the best French actors of the Mesozoic era, Reno was a solid, versatile actor who was also well known in Hollywood. The more famous works are "our story" , "the killer is not too cold" , "mission: Impossible" , "the magic of love" , "Godzilla" and so on.