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sketch picture of Jason Segel

Jason Segel

Actor / writer / Voice actor / Director / Producer

Jason Segel, American actor. Father's Jewish, Mother's Christian. He followed his father in the Jewish faith and attended Christian schools. Jayson finished middle and high School at the Harvard-westlake School, and his size made him a member of the state basketball team. While in College, Jayson conceived the idea of becoming a professional actor and began performing in local plays. Jayson is best known for her role as "the weird" Nick on NBC's short-lived Comedy Series "Freaks and Geeks, " Freaks and Geeks about a group of suburban Detroit high school students. Jayson and the series'female lead, Linda Cardellini, dated for several years after the show ended, but eventually broke up, a relationship that spawned a movie called Forget Sarah Marshall, about the nudity in the show, the Vampire Opera was Jayson's experience, and it made him fatter and older than ever before.

Jayson is no doubt best known for his role as Marshall in the CBS Sitcom How I Met Your Mother, which portrays the growth of a good man. The Jason Segel has also made a number of box office hits, including five years of dating, knocked up, Sarah Marshall, looking for a best man, The Muppets and more.