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sketch picture of Jared Leto

Jared Leto

Actor / Producer / Director / writer / Voice actor

Jared Leto, American actor and singer. He attended Art Institute of Philadelphia before transferring to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York, to study film and video production.

In addition to acting in movies, jared is also a very good singer. With Shannon and two other friends, jared formed a band called 30 seconds to Mars, which released its debut album in October 2004 and its second album, beautiful lies, in August 2005.

Moved to Los Angeles when he was 21. Two years later, he appeared on the stage with Claire Dennis in the television series my so called life, and later appeared in films such as The Thin Red Line, Fight Club, and American psycho, in 2000, he won critical acclaim for his role as a drug addict in Requiem for a Dream, it led to his next roles in David fincher's Panic Room, Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great and Nicholas Cage's Lord of war.

Although he has a handsome face, but his beauty in the film is often used to "destroy" for people to see, one after another "Fight Club" was beaten into shape, "shuddering space" was burned, in "American Psycho, " He was hacked to death and, even more dramatically, quickly gained more than 60 pounds for his character in chapter 27. It is an independent film about the criminal mind of Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman, which premiered at the Sundance and Berlin film festivals in 2007. Previously, Jared Leto starred with John Travolta and Salma Hayek in 2006's the case of the heart, and had a small role cut in 2002's the phone booth, flags of Our Fathers also turned down a key role in the New York Times for the music business. He was also chosen to Co Star with Jaco Van Dormael in the six year old sci fi film no last name, due out in 2009.