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sketch picture of Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx

Actor / writer / Voice actor / Producer / Director

Jamie Foxx, American singer and actor. The oscar-winning American actor is also an Grammy Award Rhythm and Blues Singer, pianist and comedian. He won the 2004 Academy Award for Best Actor for Ray, a film about the life of a musician Ray Charles.

He's a TV star turned movie star, and since In Living Color, Fox has played a gruff, sentimental good guy In countless movies, including playing a talented but individualistic quarterback in Oliver Stong's Given Any Sunday. He befriended Charlie Chaplin in 1996 with a supporting role in The Truth About Cats and Dogs. He starred in The Great White Hype. The following year he co-starred with Tommy Davidson in the comedy "Booty Call. ". In 1998 he starred as a DJ in Ice Cube's The Players Club, and in 1999 he won critical acclaim for his performance in Any Sunday. He then appeared in non-comedy films, playing a reformed ex-convict in Antoine Fuqua's crime film Bait and a man involved in a convenience store robbery in Held Up.