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sketch picture of James Cameron

James Cameron

Producer / Director / writer / Actor

James Cameron is a Canadian film director who specializes in action and science fiction films. James Cameron studied physics at a two year community college in California, but soon switched to English and dropped out before starting. He went to the University of Southern California Library to study special effects and write screenplays in his spare time while driving a truck.

After his success, James Cameron unexpectedly "disappeared" , and he didn't make a major film after titanic until 2009, when he officially announced his new film, "Florida" , with a global box office of $2.6 billion, "Avatar" is the highest grossing film in the world and one of the most successful films in history.

In 1977, James Cameron saw the classic George Lucas Sci fi movie star wars, and he was thrilled to realize that this was what he wanted to create. This allowed James Cameron to set his own direction and start working on it. Having never received any professional training, he began to look around for opportunities to become a filmmaker, familiar with all kinds of film-making equipment from lens to camera guide, and even made the first shooting plan with friends, want to use the equipment at hand and homemade model to make a 10-minute sci-fi film!