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sketch picture of Jae-hyeon Jo

Jae-hyeon Jo

Actor / Director

Cho jae-hyun, Korean actor. Graduated from Jingcheng University, Graduate Student of Central University, majoring in public performance. Likes playing golf, boxing, cooking is his specialty.

Since then, his collaboration with director Kim Ki-duk has become almost routine, with critics joking that he is "Kim's own actor" . In 2002, he won the Best Actor award at the 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards, the 29th New Talent Award in 1993, and the 13th New Talent Award in 1992.

In 1987, he played a minor role in love, a blossoming tree, and in 1990, he officially entered the film industry through Guo Zhijun's portrait of a young man, and later performed brilliantly as Li Renmengzhong in the film empire forever, he has also shown his unquestionable acting skills in a number of films, notably through his performance in Green Fish.