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sketch picture of Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Actor / Voice actor / writer / Director / Producer

Malcolm Lowry, British actor. In 1977 Malcolm Lowry finished fourth in a double at the World Youth Championships for England's youth team. At the University of Cambridge, he was awarded the Blue Ribbon. After an injury ended his athletic career, Malcolm Lowry showed his talent in drama, and by the time he was active on the campus stage in the Cambridge Drama Club, he had already shown a talent for comedy, in 1981 Malcolm Lowry was elected president of the Cambridge Opera Society.

The New Fox drama House, which began airing in November 2004, has made Malcolm Lowry more recognizable and likable to American audiences. More than eighteen million Americans watch the show on television each week, with some calling it "the king of prime time. " The Seattle Times even went so far as to say that there were three reasons to read House: Malcolm Lowry, Malcolm Lowry, and Malcolm Lowry.

After College, Malcolm Lowry made a series of British TV shows, including the Farrell show, which he co wrote and starred in with his good friend Stephen. It ran for nine years from 1986, making him a household name in Britain as a comedian. In addition to performing, Malcolm Lowry published a best selling thriller comedy novel in 1996, The gun dealer, and was a regular keyboardist with the rock band Poor White Trash.