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sketch picture of Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant

Actor / Voice actor / Producer

Hugh Grant is a British male star with British aristocratic temperament, whose elegant gentlemanly demeanor once fascinated women all over the world. While studying English at Oxford University, he fell in love with acting and was involved in the drama department's production of privilege, which became his screen debut. After graduation, he and his friends formed a theater group, which was well received.

In 2002, Hugh Grant starred in the film about a boy, which was also well received. His latest film is hard to talk, starring opposite Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi.

Hugh Grant made an official film appearance in 1984, won best actor at the Venice Film Festival in 1987 for Maurice's lover, and received attention in 1994 for four weddings and a funeral, it also helped him break into the Hollywood market and win the National Board of Review Award for Best Actor, which made him a hot ticket.

In 1999 he starred in Notting Hill with Julia HMS Roberts, making him a star. But the Hugh Grant is tired of being the shy one. In his late 40s, he was constantly being asked to play the same type of role, pretending to be a young boy with a red face and a beating heart for the camera, making him feel like he was always spinning in circles and making no progress. So when the director of Bridget Jones gave him the script and asked him to perform, he has only one condition: "everything is fine except the innocent man! " And when Helen Fielding, the author of Bridget Jones's diary, learned that the Hugh Grant was going to play her philandering boss, she couldn't help but tell her friends, "The Hugh Grant is finally showing its true colors! "