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sketch picture of Guillaume Canet

Guillaume Canet

Actor / Director / writer / Producer / Voice actor

French actor, born 10 April 1973 in Boulogne, France. As the son of a horse trainer, he spent his Childhood in a horse farm on the outskirts of Paris. As a teenager, he had always dreamed of becoming a rider, and was trained by professional coaches to perform well. A serious fall and broken rider's dream, but for him to open the door to performing. Despite a brief stint at the academy, Cannes's career as an actor was a success from the start.

In 2009, Cannes became involved with Academy Award for Best Actress Marion, a French actress who had an affair while working on The Wonder Years. On May 19,2011, Marion gave birth by Caesarean section in Paris under the name of Marcel Canet (Massels Cannes) .

From the impetuous teenager in The Wonder Years to the director, director, director and producer who won the Caesar Prize, Guillȏme Cannes is more at ease with his talents. In 1998, he starred in the Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train and was nominated for the Caesar Award for most promising young man for who can seduce you. Soon after, he met Diane Kruger, who had come to Paris from Germany, fell in love and was married in 2001. Although they separated six years later, they remained on good terms, and Günther von Kluge, who directed Cannes's first film, my idol, in 2002, said she was one of the most talented people she had ever met and supported her, to Be Nominated for a Caesar Award for best first novel.