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sketch picture of Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck

Actor / Producer

Pyke was born in California and had a tumultuous childhood. His parents divorced when he was five and he was sent to live with his grandmother. He later recalled that one of the happiest times of his childhood was when he and his grandmother went to the cinema once a week. When he was in school, Pike became interested in acting and decided to become an actor. He joined the theater next door in New York City, and after graduating, he took to Broadway. He made his debut in 1942 in Emerling William's Morning Star.

Pyke died on June 12,2003, at his home in Los Angeles. He was 87.

He entered Hollywood in 1943 and appeared in his first film, Honor Day, the following year. That same year, his second film, The Pilgrim's Progress, The Keys To The Kingdom, earned him his first nomination for Oscar. In 1945, he starred in Hitchcock's Spellbound, which was well received, and was nominated for an Oscar for The Yearling in 1946, Gentleman's Agreement in 1947 and Twelve O'Clock High in 1949, and won the Golden Globe for The Yearling. At this time he has been about the film, decided to take only the film he is interested in. At 1.91 meters tall, Pyke has spent much of his career playing the role of a tall, straight faced, heroic American gentleman, an image very similar to his own, and Pyke enjoys a high reputation for public service in Hollywood, so it's very easy to play. The lawyer who stands up to rape in to kill a Mockingbird, the 1962 film that finally won him the Academy Awards, is the ultimate example of this man.