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sketch picture of Flora Chan

Flora Chan


Chinese American Flora Chan (May 30,1970) , a prominent Hong Kong actress and former Television Broadcasts Limited, stars in popular television series and plays professional characters, such as: the Imperial Court series, the forensic record series, the wonderful hands and kind hearts series, the gentleman expensive sex, the genesis series, the world's Best Father, the Triumph in the Skies, the Emerald Love Song, the pursuit of the murderer from another world, the women's Club, and so on. Has Been Known as the "Millennium Era wireless one of the top five leading ladies. ".

In April 2013, Flora Chan announced her return to the Television Broadcasts Limited to play the lead role in the Television Broadcasts Limited, Eric Tsang's production of the Women's Club. In order to return to wireless, she offered to apply to the university to extend the English Master's program. Flora Chan's performance in the women's Club is the first time he has played a villain since catch me dead.

Flora Chan moved to Boston with his family when he was five, studied journalism at Boston College, and worked as an assistant director for btv after graduation.