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sketch picture of Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell

Actor / Director / writer

Liz was born in Los Angeles, California. Her Stepfather, Joseph, and mother, Josephine Marianne Mitchell (last name Jenkins) , were Dallas lawyers. In 1970, Liz and her mother moved to Dallas, Texas. Her mother married Joseph Mitchell in 1975. Liz graduated from Washington High School in performing and visual arts. She is the eldest of the three sisters. In 1991, she received a bachelor's degree in acting from Stephens College, where she also studied at the British American drama school. Liz worked at the Dallas Theater Center for six years and the Encore Theater for one.

Elizabeth is active in both television and film, appearing in a number of films. Apart from being lost, you may not know that her cover of "you are my sunshine" is also very good, unique.

Liz met and married actor Chris Soldevilla in 2004 for Linda McCartney, and gave birth to a son, C. , in 2005. J. . .

Elizabeth was born in 2008 East West Bank Classic – Doubles, but soon after her 30th birthday, her family moved to Dallas, where Elizabeth grew up. Her charming appearance paved the way for her to grow up and return to West Coast Hollywood to pursue her dreams.