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sketch picture of Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick


Ed Westwick's father is a university lecturer and his mother is an educational psychologist, while Ide's exposure to acting started at drama school on Saturday morning. "I got into acting when I was very young, and my mother wasn't really a performer. I think she sent me to study because I loved children's shows.

Rock'n'roll and football are the hallmarks of Britain, and Ed Westwick's Brit is the epitome of that.

As Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl has little in common with the character, from his origins to his personal history and temperament. Bad Chuck Bass, IDE Westwick. Ed WESTWICK'S A good boy!

Born into an ordinary family, Ed Westwick has neither a rich father nor a private school education, and as the youngest of three brothers, he has been the most obedient child since childhood. "My brothers are the bad kind, " said Ed Westwick. "I can be bad, but I'm a good kid. "