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sketch picture of David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer

Actor / Director / Voice actor / Producer

Born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles, Davy is the son of two lawyers. So he was always thinking about becoming a doctor or a lawyer like his parents. But when he was a student at Beverly Hills High School, the Dean accidentally suggested that he take a short acting class at northwestern to study theater. Although this study is purely accidental, but he found that he is a good actor, more importantly, he loves acting. So when he finished the course and was encouraged to take part in a summer program at Northwestern University in Chicago, he decided he wanted to go into acting. After high school, Schwimmer enrolled at northwestern because of his previous experience. Graduated in 1988 with a bachelor's degree in oratorydrama. That same year, he and seven close classmates founded the Looking Glass Theater Company in Chicago, a group of actors, writers, and directors who directed and acted in a number of films. He still runs the company and, to solve his financial problems, has acted in a number of plays and directed other films. In 1993, Schwimmer made his television debut as an official actor in the comedy Monty Python. Because of his many stellar performances, in 1994, the producers of NBC's Classic Sitcom, friends, created a role for Ross Geller that he didn't have to audition for. Somewhat Ironically, Schwimmer reluctantly accepted the role of Roth because he didn't want to do sitcoms anymore. But his performance earned him an emmy nomination in 1995 for best actor in a comedy series. Not Content with the success of friends, Schwimmer has made cameos with a number of characters that he could not experience on friends, such as NYPD Blue. He expanded his scope of interests and participated in the writing, production and directing of several films. He directed some episodes of friends. Davy proved he was a great actor, and even if he didn't want to act anymore, he could still write or direct. He was much more successful than he had expected.