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sketch picture of Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg

Actor / Director / writer / Voice actor

Actor, writer, director. Hollywood is famous for its walk on roles, most notably agent Coulson in the four Marvel Comic Book Adaptations of Iron Man, iron man 2, Thor, and the avengers, known as the most ubiquitous soy sauce in history. In 2008, the director's first film, asphyxiation, entered the Sundance Film Festival three days after its completion and won a special prize from the Sundance Film Festival.

Clark Gregg has always been a family man, so his character doesn't have a lot of emotional release and isn't very well known, often in the independent small production of his appearance has also played a number of major drama, but without exception are playing supporting roles. However, his restrained and magnanimous performance no doubt makes him have a very strong sense of presence, very in line with the character characteristics of the characters should have, but it is a big point. "He's a walk-on, but there's always a Ray of Light. "