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Chun Sen


Malaysian Chinese, a male entertainer, was born in Malaysia and grew up in Batua, Johor State, Malaysia. In 2015, because of his handsome appearance and delicate face, he was signed as an entertainer by his godmother, Angie Chai, following in Ko's footsteps. In 2015, he joined starwise International Entertainment Co. , Ltd. to actively develop the performing arts in Taiwan, Chinese mainland, Malaysia, known as the "new fresh meat. ". In 2013, he performed as a supporting actor in Malaysia's 8th Space Station celebration drama "happiness of one piece and two pieces" , which received great attention from the Malaysian media. Then he took over as the host of the Malaysian fashion show "time talent" , at the same time, he took on the supporting role in the eighth-degree space celebration drama "the most difficult leading actor" . In early 2015, he appeared in the TV series the happy store, and was chosen by Adam Tsuei and Angie Chai in the same year for one of the main roles in the The Tenants Downstairs, Linghu, and Golden Horse Award winner Lee Kang-sheng as a gay couple. In 2015, he became a contract artist with starwise International Entertainment Co. , Ltd. .