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sketch picture of Carol 'Do Do' Cheng

Carol 'Do Do' Cheng


Carol Cheng, Hong Kong Film Actor, TV actor and television presenter. As the Hong Kong television broadcasts limited's gold medal emcee and entertainer, the deceased called Do sister Du. In addition, Carol Cheng was also one of the twelve members of the 8th National Congress of the CPC. He was the "monitor" of the Congress. Hong Kong Film Awards is Hong Kong's first film Queen, Queen of all female artists, and is also the Queen of both Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards.

When Carol Cheng immigrated briefly to Vancouver, Canada, in the 1990s, he left acting for a while before returning to Hong Kong. Carol Cheng said immigration was a bad decision because it cost a lot of money. After returning to Hong Kong, he continued to serve in the Television Broadcasts Limited. In 1992, he was appointed to a 13-episode talk show, "starry night" . Later, he was the host of "the whole line search" , "city pursuit" and other programmes. In 2000, Carol Cheng, who had not worked on the series for many years, became the lead lawyer in the millennial situation comedy men, women, Love, with comedian Dayo Wong. The group was widely discussed and became a hit in Hong Kong soon after its broadcast. In 2001, he was named by the British television station BBC as the host of the quiz show "Out of the pen" (Hong Kong version of "Weakest Link") .