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sketch picture of Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Actor / Voice actor / Producer

In today's Hollywood, there are many movie stars are from the model origin, thus step by step to become the screen darling. For example, Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Hulley, and now the spotlight is on Cameron Diaz. She was born in Cuba, Spain, Germany, Britain and the Native Americans. She traveled to Japan, Australia, Mexico, Paris, Morocco... and finally made it to the big screen in Hollywood with The Mask, ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

With her sultry blonde hair, soulful blue eyes, always gorgeous face and stunning figure, it's no wonder that Cameron Júnior Díaz's appearance in the mask in 1994 was such a hit that it took Hollywood by storm. Perhaps as a result of her years as a model, she has been described by Vanity Fair magazine as one of the characters who will dominate the film industry in the future.