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sketch picture of Brendan Gleeson

Brendan Gleeson

Actor / Voice actor / Director

You might not think mad eye Moody of Harry Potter was a rich, sensitive literary uncle. With his massive frame and weather beaten face, Grisén is the most common golden supporting role for an Irish character in a Hollywood movie. Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1955, he was a literary child before entering acting at the age of 34. He was admitted to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in London, where he had previously taught English and theatre at a secondary school. In 1991, he won the top Irish television award for his role as Michael Collins in the compact. In 1994, he appeared in Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and the following year in Mel Gibson's braveheart.

In 2009, Grisén played British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Irish director Ronnie O'Sullivan's TV biopic Into the Storm, which won an Emmy for National Board of Review Award for Best Actor. It was his first major award for his acting career. In 2009, Grisén was the voice of the Irish animated film the secret of the Kells, and the premiere of Pires'generosity at the Toronto Film Festival. In Hollywood, he joined British director Paul Greengrass in his new war film, the Green Zone. Grisén is the father of four children, the oldest and third of whom are also actors. His long planned directorial debut, in a river where two birds swim, is expected to begin shooting in 2009. The film is based on the work of Irish writer Vrain and is expected to be joined by Irish Actors Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell and Murphy, all of whom he has previously worked with on stage. Hirian Murphy, in particular, has appeared together in Cold Mountain, 28 days later, breakfast at Pluto and the generosity of Pires.