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sketch picture of Bijou Phillips

Bijou Phillips


The father of model, actress, and singer John Johan is a member of The Mamas and The Papas, a popular 1960s and 1970s folk rock band, bIU's mother, Genevi ve Wa Te, is his second wife and a former fashion model. Bijou is named by John Johan after the jazz band "My Petite Bijou" from "Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, " which means "treasure" in French; Her Godfather is the famous pop Andy Warhol.

In 1999, she made a cameo appearance in the musical comedy Candy Town, the same year she was recommended to Director James Toback by Leonardo DiCaprio, she landed a role in the star-studded film "Black and White, " which drew critical acclaim for her debut, as well as praise from director James Toback for her talent and personality, but biyou himself has not been the performance of the real focus of the cause. In 2000 she appeared in the hit film almost famous, and in 2001 director Larry Clark challenged her to star in Bully, an adaptation of a real-life juvenile crime in Florida, other films to follow include Tart, Fast Sofa, Octane, the year of the widow, ally mcbeal, What We Do Is Secret, Dark Streets, the magician of blood, and the Skin Inn 2 Most recently, she has been working on a remake of Cohen's 1974 horror film It's Alive! As the mother of a terrified baby turned killer, and is working on her second album.