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sketch picture of Ayumu Nakajima

Ayumu Nakajima


He is the great-grandson of the Meiji-era novelist Kunikida Doppo, and his parents gave him the name "Ayumi", which is derived from Doppo. Born in Miyagi Prefecture and raised in Tokyo.

He is a licensed middle school and high school English teacher. His hobbies include rakugo, fishing, guitar, and photography. Karate Shodan.

Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa High School and Nihon University, Department of Arts and Letters. He played soccer until junior high school, played volleyball in high school, and belonged to a rakugo club in college. She began modeling while in college as a stepping stone to becoming an actor. She was a member of Gig Management Japan when she was a model, and in January 2012, she quit modeling and auditioned for a part-time job. He made his acting debut in April 2013 in the role of Junichi Amemiya in an audition for the stage production of "Kurojoko" starring Akihiro Miwa, from a pool of 200 people.

He became a TV drama regular for the first time in his role as Ryuichi Miyamoto, Renko's elopement partner, played by Yukie Nakama, in the TV serial "Hanako to An," which aired in the first half of 2014, and won the 7th TAMA Film Award for Best Rising Actor for his first starring film "Good Stripes," which was released in May 2015.