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sketch picture of Aya Ueto

Aya Ueto

Actor / Voice actor

UJIMATSU started acting at 15. He's a very good actor at a very young age. But what really Boogie Nights her was the 2001 television series 3 B Kinpachi 6. The film's excellent performance in the upper household color of the elder Tetsuya Takeda praised, in an interview with the media praised the upper household color is the era of Momoe Yamaguchi Heisei. In 2003, Shanghucai ranked first in the readers' poll of "the most attractive new person in 2003" held by Junon magazine, and became one of the most potential new persons in 2003. Since the release of the first single "puriness" , the upper door color began to become the target of advertisers.

In 2003, the Azumi debuted on the big screen, with a huge success in Japan and unprecedented popularity. And then the sequel, which was just as successful.