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sketch picture of Anthony Wong Chau-Sang

Anthony Wong Chau-Sang

Actor / Voice actor / Director / writer

Anthony Wong started her career in 1983, when she enrolled in the Hong Kong Asia Television Actors Training Program. At the time, he was a lesser known supporting actor, but after a stint in television, he enrolled in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for a year in 1985 and then in Television Broadcasts Limited after graduation.

Anthony Wong is an outlier in Hong Kong's film industry, and it is fortunate that such a comprehensive force can be born in the territory's commercial soil. He's the kind of guy you give him a decent script, and he's GonNa win people over. In 1993, he became the Hopkinsville of the Chinese world with his stunning, physically stunningly perverted performance in barbecued pork buns. In 1998, his performance in Beast Cops reached a state of no self, once again winning the Academy Award for best actor. Anthony Wong, who has received so many films, inevitably mixes his work with a lot of bad stuff, but he believes that these films are just a way to make a living, and that the director just needs to get his looks right. When he works with big directors like Gordon Chan and Johnnie To, he repeatedly designs his performances to the best of his ability. Some people say that if you want to find an actor from Hong Kong who can act in the drama teahouse, that person is Anthony Wong.