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sketch picture of Anthony Perkins

Anthony Perkins

Actor / Director / writer

Cannes winner and star Antony Perkins (1932 -- 1992) died of aids-related pneumonia in 1992. Antony Perkins was in the early stages of AIDS. He didn't know he had AIDS, which was the first thing the media told him (a magazine illegally obtained his blood) . Throughout his life, he has been called a "psychopath" -- as if he were many sensitive, vulnerable, or terrifying characters. He suffered from the same affliction in his life: Twenty Years of psychiatric treatment.

Antony's face is undeniably handsome, but it's not the radiant beauty of other male movie stars that has captivated so many ladies, but a kind of both as bright as the sun and as quiet as the moon, let people warm and let people love the United States. He was suffused with the faint scent of femininity. He is very tall (188 cm) , but never depressing, but rather like a green tree in the wilderness, looking at him will feel very happy, can not help but trust him.

Antony was deeply in love with his wife, and they had an enviable relationship. They were married in 1973. At the time of his marriage, Perkins was openly gay, regardless of his sexual orientation. It was reported at the time that on set, Antony openly took his favorite young beauty into his dressing room... so when the national enquirer broke the news of his AIDS diagnosis exclusively in March 1990, the public wasn't too surprised. He has also been on television to participate in the program when the truth was very generous to admit.