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sketch picture of Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Actor / Voice actor

Anna Kendrick, an American film and stage actor, has been nominated for the New York Drama Council Award, the Drama World Award and the 1998 Tony Award for her Broadway musical upper class, at 13, she was The second youngest person ever to be nominated for a Tony, and in 1999 she starred in Carnegie Hall's My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies, she also performed with veteran actors in the New York City Opera House's "serenade" , directed by Scott Ellis and directed by Susan Stroman.

Working with George Clooney and Vera Farmiga in 2009, up in the air, was definitely a big achievement for Anna. The film not only brought her two awards nominations, but also let people see her strength. From a supporting actress in twilight, to an actress who can play alongside her predecessors, her charisma is compelling. She properly played a confused new workplace, properly completed their own growth, her rational and emotional film has added a lot of bright color.

In 2003, Anna starred in the musical camp dance, directed by Graph, four years later, through her role as the Glib debate star in the Comedy Rocket Science, she showed off her acting skills beyond her singing and dancing talents, for this also entered "variety" magazine by the film professionals selected the annual "10 eye-catching New Star" list.