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sketch picture of Ali MacGraw

Ali MacGraw

Actor / Producer

Born in 1938 in Poundridge, New York, he majored in drama and Art History at Wellesley. After graduating in 1960, he worked as an assistant editor at Vogue magazine and became an assistant fashion photographer. He became a famous fashion model in 1967 and began his career in film in 1968. She won the Telling Maria 2 for Love Story and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in the same year. Famous Hollywood executive producer Robert Ivins recalled their relationship in the autobiographical film, love story, when the hero and heroine exchanged tears and the director said "cut" , ally walked over to Evens, mesmerized, and said the dialogue was for him... Evens was moved. When they parted, Evens thought back to regret and wistfulness.