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sketch picture of Alejandro Amenábar

Alejandro Amenábar

writer / Musician / Director / Actor / Producer

Alejandro Amenabar was born on 31 March 1972 in Santiago, Chile, and later moved to Spain with his family. Born to a Spanish mother and a Chilean father, the family returned to Spain at the age of 1, where the Spanish director, screenwriter and film composer.

His credits include the Thriller Death Thesis (a film about modern visual violence involving the infamous underground snuff movie) , one of the few films in the world to discuss the subject other than 8mm, open your eyes (a Hollywood version of Tom and Penélope Cruz's vanilla sky) , psycho on a small island, and the 2004 ethical film The Sea Inside, which won the Fourth Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in the history of Spanish cinema, a touching film about euthanasia and poetry. However, Amen Bar is actually a multi-tasker and he's a pretty good musician.