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sketch picture of Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

Actor / Voice actor / Producer / writer / Director

Alec Baldwin, a well known American Film and Television Actor, studied drama at New York University. After graduation, he appeared in soap operas by day and Shakespeare plays by night. He became active on television in The early 1980s, working on films such as The Doctors and television drama. Since then, Alik Baldwin II, Count of Flanders has officially entered the film industry, she has appeared in serious roles in films including Forever, Lulu, Beetle Juice, Married to the Mob, and Talk Radio. In 1990, Alik Baldwin II, Count of Flanders First appeared in the box office blockbuster Hunt for Red October, based on the novel by Tom, the best selling American spy novelist, and worked with the first James Bond Film, Canali, he was a huge success, and he became famous for his role as Central Intelligence Agency agent Jake Rain. That same year, Alik was named one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people in the world.

In 1994, alik Baldwin II, Count of Flanders co-starred with his then wife, Bessinger Kim Basinger, in The remake of The The Getaway, and The same year in The Comic Strip adaptation of The Shadow Shadows Fall. In 1996, he gave full play to his acting talents as an assistant district attorney in the civil rights drama Ghosts of Mississippi.